housing project 3

The Housing Committee is one of the portfolios of BPC which assist in providing destitute people with homes. The BPC Housing Committee operates across areas like Delft, Sarepta, Bloekombos, etc. and anyone can apply for a home. The Wendy House sizes range from 3 x 6 metres to 2,5 x 4 metres according to the size of the space available. It is waterproofed on the inside and at installation is set about 15 cm off the ground.

The Housing Committee also try to assist by providing a few household basics for the recipients to allow them to make a home. The committee welcomes any donations that can be made in the form of clothing, bedding, kitchen utensils, furniture etc.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply but currently no new applications are being taken for Wendy House applications as funds are limited and there are applicants on a waiting list.

Application Process:

  • The applicant must collect and complete an application form from the Church office.
  • They will be screened by either MES (Mould Empower Serve) or TASP (Tygerberg Association of Street People) which will serve as a reference.
  • The applicant must provide copies of their IDs, a copy of the rates statement of the proposed landlord as well as the landlord’s ID.
  • The Housing Committee then does a site inspection at the proposed landlord’s home to see if the area for the Wendy House is suitable. This gives us an opportunity to meet the landlord and see if he / she realizes the extent of the commitment they are making to their new tenants.
  • We also conduct follow ups of the families we have placed to see how they are getting along and if any problems have arisen. The idea is to provide continual support for these families.