Bellville Presbyterian Church is a Congregation of the Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa


The Mission of Bellville Presbyterian Church is to bring each member to that place where he or she knows Jesus, The Lord, as fully as possible.


The philosophy of Bellville Presbyterian Church is that the Church, and our local congregation, functions best when it is:

  • Christ Centred – Making all His will the goal of all our activities
  • Spirit Filled – Letting Him lead, guide, direct and interrupt us
  • Bible Based – Doing and not just giving assent to the Word of God

How we work

Taking a God lead approach through the Elders and  inviting the congregation to own and involve themselves in our mission.


Christ Centred.

Spirit Filled.

Bible Based.

What we do

To proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord and to serve one another, and the community in practical ways expressing God’s love to them.